Hello, customer
Thank you for your interest.
If you do not have the remote controller you requested, please send us your remote control and we will check it after input. Also, if you have a remote controller, please send it to us. Most have been repaired to this day. Please use a lot.
Or let us know the product introduction or purchase link (site) and we will consider purchasing it actively.
If you send a photo of your remote control with a higher resolution, it will help you to work.
If you operate from a third party app on the remote control, you can capture the app screen and send it to us to create a profile. Please use this method.
For example, if you want to search LG TV AKB73275619, please search AKB73 or AKB7327 to find a similar remote. It is also a way to search a little of the remote control model name you are looking for. I hope this method is also a favorite.
You can also search for "air conditioner" as "Samsung Air Conditioner" or "LG Air Conditioner".
You can easily find the remote control using the auto transmit test on the remote control that has been searched.
On the other hand, you can input it with my remote control dongle (http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/DetailView/Item.aspx?goodscode=334920433)
There is a sample Hangul video (http://www.myremocon.com/index.php?document_srl=61449). Please use.
 For information on how to add a function button (http://myremocon.com/index.php?document_srl=61446) that does not exist on the remote control of the device, such as how to find the remote control when you know the manufacturer, please refer to it.
1. How to find remote control when you know the manufacturer (How to find remote control when you know the manufacturer)
2. Modify the button's attribute data on the remote control (the remote control data)

3. How to add function buttons that are missing from the remote control of the same device (How to add new function buttons)
4. Samsung S4,5,6 Note3, 4 and LG g2,3,4,5, V10, V20 with built-in sensor can be used immediately without a dongle. Some Xiaomi phones are also available. Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus, and S7 and S7 edges do not have sensors inside.
Also, LG ViewTo is not supported because it does not support standard API. If the dongle does not work, please re-mail it.
If you have difficulty typing, please email me (webmaster@signzzang.com) and I will answer you.
Thank you.
Send to: 648 1308-1 West Busan, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (6th Daehung Techno Town) My Media
Phone: 02-866-1173 Postal Code: 08504
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    마이리모콘 프로파일 다운로드 분류표( *.myk.pdf 화일을 선택하시면 다운로드가 됩니다. )/My Remote Control Profile Download Taxonomy (Select *.myk.pdf file will be downloaded.)

    Date2014.11.11 Views206262
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    KTV, KTV, TV, 티브이,티비, , 케이티브, 249,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views184
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    KLEINZ, 클라인즈, TV, 티브이,티비, , 클라인즈, 356,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views282
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  4. No Image

    KEC, 한국전자 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 한국전자 01, 184,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views153
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    JANGEUN TECH, 장은테크 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 장은테크 01, 476,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views175
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  6. No Image

    JAEWON, 재원전자 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 재원전자 01, ,탤런트,오로라,아트뷰,드라마,스타,로얄,TALENT,AURORA,ARTVIEW,DRAMA,STAR,ROYAL,169,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views216
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  7. No Image

    INKEL, 인켈 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 인켈 01, 182,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views225
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  8. No Image

    HYUNDAIIT, 현대아이티 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 현대아이티 01, 221,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views151
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  9. No Image


    Date2019.09.19 Views161
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  10. No Image

    GREEN DISPLAY, GREEN DISPLAY, TV, 티브이,티비, , 그린디스플레이, #351,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views159
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  11. No Image


    Date2019.09.19 Views151
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  12. No Image

    FILE FORCE, 파인포스 02, TV, 티브이,티비, , 파인포스 02, 350,스톰엑스,STORMX,MATRIX,매트릭스,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views154
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  13. No Image

    ERAE, 이레전자산업 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 이레전자산업 01,139,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views141
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  14. No Image

    ENTV, 이엔티브 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 이엔티브 01, 459,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views312
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  15. No Image

    EMERSON, 에머슨 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 에머슨 01, 495,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views157
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  16. No Image

    DSPTV, DSPTV 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 디스플레이파크 01, ,348,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views186
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  17. No Image

    DMTECK, DMTECK 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , DMTECK 01, 디엠테크,305,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views158
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  18. No Image

    DLT, DLT 02, TV, 티브이,티비, , 디엘티 01, ,디지털존,제파,ZEPA,씨네아이,CINEEYE,MONEX,모넥스,더존아이,DZONEI,356,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views372
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  19. No Image

    DLT, DLT 02, TV, 티브이,티비, , 디엘티 01, ,디지털존,제파,ZEPA,씨네아이,CINEEYE,MONEX,모넥스,더존아이,DZONEI,356,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views348
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  20. No Image

    DIVICO, DIVICO 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 디비코 01, ,279,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views137
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  21. No Image

    DIONIX, DIONIX, TV, 티브이,티비, , DIONIX, 디오닉스,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views150
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  22. No Image


    Date2019.09.19 Views154
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  23. No Image

    DIBOSS, DIBOSS 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 디보스 01,092,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views140
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  24. No Image

    DAYSIS, DAYSIS 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 데이시스 01,,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views160
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  25. No Image

    DAYOU_WINIA, DAYOU WINIA, TV, 티브이,티비, , 대유위니아, #473,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views272
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  26. No Image

    DAVI, 다비, TV, 티브이,티비, , DAVI_004, ,다비디스플레이,#464,DAVI DISPLAY,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views151
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  27. No Image

    DAURI, 다우리전, TV, 티브이,티비, , 다우리전자, #356,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views154
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  28. No Image


    Date2019.09.19 Views225
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  29. No Image

    DAEWOO DISPLAY, 대우디스플레이, TV, 티브이,티비, , 대우디스플레이_01,,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views339
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  30. No Image

    CROSSOVER, 크로스오버 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 크로스오버 01, 330,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views147
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  31. No Image

    COSTEL, COSTEL 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 코스텔 01, ,전자랜드TV,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views147
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  32. No Image

    CIMADIGITEK, CIMADIGITEK 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 시마디지텍 01, 331,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views147
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  33. No Image

    CACC, CACC, TV, 티브이,티비, , 씨에이씨, ,483,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views158
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  34. No Image

    BTC, 비티시정보통신 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 비티시정보통신 01, ,ZEUS,제우스,224,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views128
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  35. No Image

    BOLIM, BOLIM 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 보림 01,,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTRO

    Date2019.09.19 Views137
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  36. No Image

    BENQ, BENQ 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , BENQ 01, ,벤큐,230,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2019.09.19 Views125
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  37. No Image

    BAYTECH KOREA, 바이텍 코리아 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 바이텍 코리아 01, ,야마카시,YAMAKASI,256

    Date2019.09.19 Views119
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  38. No Image

    ATEC TV, ATEC, TV, ATEC, ATEC_00001,티브이,티비

    Date2019.09.19 Views91
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  39. No Image

    AMH, AMH, TV, 티브이,티비, , 에이엠에이치,,356

    Date2019.09.19 Views114
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  40. No Image

    ALPHASCAN, 알파스캔 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 알파스캔 01, 356

    Date2019.09.19 Views95
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  41. No Image

    ALBAS, 알바스코리아 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 알바스코리아 01, 213

    Date2019.09.19 Views80
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  42. No Image

    3S DIGITAL, 3S DIGITAL 01, TV, 티브이,티비, , 3SDIGITAL01, 쓰리에스 디지털

    Date2019.09.19 Views92
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  43. ZEILLA, Zeilla,Lamp,램프,제일라,전등,형광등,조명,LED

    Date2019.03.25 Views864
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  44. SAMSUNG, SAMSUNG AP-L1540, AIRCONDITIONER, 에어컨,에어콘,냉방기 , SAMSUNG_AP-L1540, 스탠드,삼성에어컨,삼성에어콘,Samsugairconditioner,apl1540

    Date2019.08.21 Views2878
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  45. 3S DIGITAL,3SD-510K,3SD-410K,TV,X3F54 CFA4,3SD-32ALK_W,XEVA,제바,3S디지털,티브이,티비, 리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL,

    Date2015.08.17 Views5779
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  46. MARANTZ, HD-DAC1, AUDIO , 마란쯔 DAC 오디오, 마란츠, DAC AUDIO,DAC 앰프,마란즈 오디오 앰프,헤드폰 앰프

    Date2019.08.19 Views330
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  47. KRELL, KAV-300iL Integrated Amplifier, AUDIO,KRELL 앰프, 크랠 앰프,인티앰프

    Date2019.08.19 Views214
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  48. No Image

    DAEWOO DISPLAY, 대우디스플레이, TV, 티브이,티비, , 대우디스플레이_01,

    Date2019.08.20 Views276
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    Date2019.08.19 Views199
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  50. SONY, VPL-VW95ES, PROJECTOR, 프로젝터, , SONY 프로젝터, Sony VPL-VW95ES 3D SXRD Projector,소니프로젝터,홈시어터 프로젝터

    Date2019.08.19 Views259
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  51. DENON, DENON RC-1110, BLUERAY, 데논블루레이, 오디오 플레이어 리코더 ,AUDIO,PLAYER, RECORDER

    Date2019.08.19 Views248
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