Hello, customer
Thank you for your interest.
If you do not have the remote controller you requested, please send us your remote control and we will check it after input. Also, if you have a remote controller, please send it to us. Most have been repaired to this day. Please use a lot.
Or let us know the product introduction or purchase link (site) and we will consider purchasing it actively.
If you send a photo of your remote control with a higher resolution, it will help you to work.
If you operate from a third party app on the remote control, you can capture the app screen and send it to us to create a profile. Please use this method.
For example, if you want to search LG TV AKB73275619, please search AKB73 or AKB7327 to find a similar remote. It is also a way to search a little of the remote control model name you are looking for. I hope this method is also a favorite.
You can also search for "air conditioner" as "Samsung Air Conditioner" or "LG Air Conditioner".
You can easily find the remote control using the auto transmit test on the remote control that has been searched.
On the other hand, you can input it with my remote control dongle (http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/Item/DetailView/Item.aspx?goodscode=334920433)
There is a sample Hangul video (http://www.myremocon.com/index.php?document_srl=61449). Please use.
 For information on how to add a function button (http://myremocon.com/index.php?document_srl=61446) that does not exist on the remote control of the device, such as how to find the remote control when you know the manufacturer, please refer to it.
1. How to find remote control when you know the manufacturer (How to find remote control when you know the manufacturer)
2. Modify the button's attribute data on the remote control (the remote control data)

3. How to add function buttons that are missing from the remote control of the same device (How to add new function buttons)
4. Samsung S4,5,6 Note3, 4 and LG g2,3,4,5, V10, V20 with built-in sensor can be used immediately without a dongle. Some Xiaomi phones are also available. Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge Plus, and S7 and S7 edges do not have sensors inside.
Also, LG ViewTo is not supported because it does not support standard API. If the dongle does not work, please re-mail it.
If you have difficulty typing, please email me (webmaster@signzzang.com) and I will answer you.
Thank you.
Send to: 648 1308-1 West Busan, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea (6th Daehung Techno Town) My Media
Phone: 02-866-1173 Postal Code: 08504
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    SETTOP ,KT , KQ002,QOOK , 케이티, 쿡, 스카이, 셋탑박스,올레,Olleh,스카이라이프, 아이피티브이, IPTV, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE,L1224_30CF

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    TV ,SAMSUNG , BN59-00693A , PAVV693A, 삼성, 티비, 티브이, 파브, PAVV, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE,SE0E0_40BF

    Date2014.10.23 Views152049
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  6. FAN, HANIL, 리듬풍, 팬, 한일,선풍기, 리모컨,리모콘,HANIL FAN, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views8000
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  7. FAN,SHINIL,SHINIL_00001,신일,선풍기,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE,SIF-14RHD,X4FE4_FE4F

    Date2015.06.05 Views7998
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  8. TV ,SIGMACOM , SRT-300,시그마컴 , 티비, 티브이, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.25 Views7986
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  9. AIRCONDITIONER ,HAIER , N145 , HAIER_AIR_N145, 에어콘, 하이얼, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE,N202,N299

    Date2014.10.27 Views7975
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  10. AUDIO ,LG , AKB73855905 , LGSOUNDBAR, 오디오, 엘지, 사운드 바,사운드바, 리모콘, 리모컨, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.11.27 Views7971
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  11. TV,DAEWOO LUCOMS,T320F,T400F,T420F,LUCOMS T320F,T501F,T552F,L40BE_629D,대우,루컴즈,티브이,티비,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE CONTROL

    Date2015.05.27 Views7961
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  12. AUDIO ,INKEL ,SHERWOOD, CDP, CD-7500,OPTIMUS , INKEL_119, 인켈, 셔우드, 오디오, 리모콘, 리모컨, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.18 Views7952
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  13. FAN ,WINDPIA , WINDPIA , WINDPIA_FAN_001, 팬, 선풍기, 윈드피아, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.27 Views7922
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  14. TV ,GREEN DISPLAY , ELSAM02012 , ELSAM02012, 티비, 티브이, 그린디스플레이, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.11.03 Views7901
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  15. PROJECTOR ,HUSTEM , MVP-T50 , HUSTEM MVP-T50, 프로젝터, 영사기, 휴스템, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7896
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  16. ETC, NAVI, T-DMB, 네비, 나비, 티디엠비,KJS287, ATS100, CMS380, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7894
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  17. TV,FINEFORCE,F220W2,파인포스,티비,티브이,모니터,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE,L10EF_EB14

    Date2015.07.14 Views7844
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  18. PROJECTOR,SAMSUNG,BP59-00139A,BP59-001,삼성 프로젝터,삼성 프로젝터,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.04.02 Views7831
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  19. DVD ,SAMSUNG , AA59-00323B , SAMSUNG_DVD_23B, 디브이디, 오디오, 삼성, 플레이어, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7819
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  20. AUDIO, AURALIC, VEGA, 오디오, 타우러스 프리, 앰프, 오라릭, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7809
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  21. TV,SKYDIGITAL,SKYOK,VENICE,V2,베니스,스카이오케이,221_SKYOK_01,스카이디지탈,티비,티브이,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.01.13 Views7802
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  22. TV,LG,AKB73775608,LG AKB73775608,BLUE,RAY,HOME,THEATER,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE,M3434,BLU-RAY,AKB73635405

    Date2015.04.30 Views7800
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  23. TV,LEDSIGN_24,MMLED_24,LED,SIGN,228_전광판_24,LEDSIGN,엘이디,전광판,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.01.13 Views7798
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  24. TV ,YOUJIN ,MULTI-BOX, SM-N900S,유진시스템 , 티비, 티브이, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7791
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  25. FAN ,CUCHEN , CF-EC1401K , CUCHEN_FAN_01K, 팬, 선풍기, 쿠첸, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.27 Views7778
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  26. VTR,ANAM,NATIONAL,NV-828AN,죠그,셔틀VTR,195_ANAM_NATIONAL_NV,아남,내쇼날,브이티알,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.30 Views7770
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  27. TV ,MM , MM001 , MM_TV_001, 티비, 티브이, 무명, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7763
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  28. PROJECTOR ,3M , AD20X , 3M AD20X, 프로젝터, 영사기, 쓰리엠, 3엠, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7758
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  29. PROJECTOR ,HUSTEM , SRP-3730 , HUSTEM SRP-3730, 프로젝터, 영사기, 휴스템, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7755
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  30. VTR,ANAM,NATIONAL,NV-S848AN,NV-S858AN,194A_ANAM_NATIONAL_N,아남,내쇼날,브이티알,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.30 Views7752
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  31. TV,XAVVIO,XV_01,215_XAVVIO_01,자비오,엑사비오,티비,티브이,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.01.12 Views7749
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  32. LAMP ,SHIN DONG-A , SDA002 , SHINDONGA_LAMP_002, 신동아, LIGHT, 실내등, 전등리모콘, 램프, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7740
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  33. DVD,LG,6711R1P089F,엘지,디브이디,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE,SB4B4

    Date2015.05.15 Views7734
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  34. TV ,DAEWOO , R-56K01,SUMMUS,ZINKA,써머스,진가리모콘,징가리모콘,위성,케이블,디브이디,158_DAEWOO_TV,대우,티비,티브이, 리모컨, 리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.27 Views7732
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  35. AIRCONDITIONER ,MANDO , ALL, 에어콘, 만도, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.27 Views7730
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  36. VTR ,DAEWOO , VIDEO_PLUS , 166_DAEWOO_VIDEO_PLUS,대우,브이티알,티비,티브이,오디오,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.29 Views7725
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  37. FAN ,SHINIL , SIF-KD8585 , SHINIL_FAN_KD8585, 팬, 신일,선풍기,리모컨,리모콘, SHINIL FAN,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.27 Views7722
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  38. PROJECTOR ,LG , 6710V00053 , LG PROJECTOR, 프로젝터, 영사기, 엘지, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7719
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  39. AUDIO ,CHERNY ,OPPUS ,HS-300T, AMP, 체르니, 옵퍼스, 오디오, 앰프, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7703
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  40. FAN,BOKUK,BKF-1730CB,보국전자,선풍기,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE,L0CF3_E916

    Date2015.06.19 Views7700
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  41. VCR,LG,MKJ32022805 , AMP, 엘지, 오디오, 앰프, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.25 Views7674
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  42. FAN, SHINIL, SIF-16WRHM, 팬, 신일,선풍기,리모컨,리모콘, SHINIL FAN,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7663
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    Date2015.02.11 Views7658
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  44. TV ,SAMSUNG , AA59-00479A , 삼성108, 삼성, 티비, 티브이, AA59-00479A, 리모콘, 리모컨, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.12 Views7652
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  45. AIRCONDITIONER ,KITURAMI , N106 , KITURAMI_AIR_N106, 범양, 에어콘, 귀뚜라미, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.27 Views7634
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  46. AIRCONDITIONER ,KITURAMI,Century,CENTURY 02, 에어콘, 에어컨, 센추리, 귀뚜라미,센츄리, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7612
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  47. AUDIO ,Onkyo ,RC-877S, AMP, LS-T10, 온교, 오디오, 앰프, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2015.04.09 Views7608
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  48. AUDIO,Pioneer,CD-R55,CD-R66,CXC3173,Pioneer CD-R55,LB54A_58A7,파이오니아,카오디오,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.05.25 Views7581
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  49. AUDIO ,Onkyo ,RC-453S, AMP, 온교, 오디오, 앰프, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.25 Views7580
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  50. AUDIO,ANAM,RT-M12N KQR1T206Z1,아남 RT-M12N,,0,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2015.05.15 Views7577
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  51. VTR ,DAEWOO , R35I17 , 168_DAEWOO_R35I17,대우, 브이티알, 티비,티브이,오디오,리모콘,리모컨,IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.29 Views7564
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  52. VCR ,PHILIPS , PVCR001 , PHILIPS_VCR_001, 브이시알, 필립스, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7559
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  53. TV,LED SIGN, 전광판_15 , 엘이디, 엘이디 사인, 소망 엘이디, somangled ,SIGN, 보이네, 전광판, 리모콘, 리모컨, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.12.10 Views7557
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  54. PROJECTOR ,HITACHI , HL01444/CP-S220 , HITACHI CP-S220, 프로젝터, 영사기, 히다치, 리모컨,리모콘, IR REMOTE

    Date2014.10.26 Views7556
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    Date2015.04.26 Views7550
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